$1 Million?: Famous ‘Bill Buckner’ Baseball to be Offered for Sale

The 25th anniversary of the 1986 World Series and the famous Bill Buckner error in Game 6 that led to the Mets victory and eventual championship has led to many unique opportunities for fans, from reunion autograph shows to dinner with Buckner and Mookie Wilson in NYC, the latest involves the ball from the famous play.

The owner of the “Buckner Ball,” Grammy-nominated songwriter Seth Swirsky, will offer the ball on eBay starting Oct. 15, with bidding ending Oct. 25. He’s hoping for $1 million. Swirsky said he plans on donating part of the proceeds to the Baseball Assistance Team.

In an article with MLB.com, Swirsky explained why he is offering the ball for sale. “The myth of Buckner continues,” he said. “There he was on ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ last month. Everybody knows where they were when that play happened. I wasn’t in a gloating mood. This isn’t about, ‘Ha, ha, the Red Sox lost.’ I’m not a Red Sox hater, I’m a baseball history lover.”

Charlie Sheen originally owned the ball, buying it for $93,500 in 1992. Swirsky purchased it for approximately $64,000 in 2000 when it was brought to auction.

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