2013 Baseball HOF Candidates A Mix of The Good, Bad and Ugly

People have been talking about the 2013 Baseball Hall of Fame induction class candidates for several years, often overshadowing those who have actually made it into the Hall already.

The list finally came out last week of who’s eligible and the voting should be quite telling as to the the views about PEDs and their place in baseball immortality. There are some likely candidates who have no baggage, such as Craig Biggio, but until his name (among possible others) is called, the names that will get all of the attention are Bonds, Clemens and Sosa.

The list consists of 24 newcomers plus 13 returning candidates. The results will be announced Jan. 9.

The list is below. None of the controversial players will sniff the required 75 percent of the votes, in my opinion. It could be nice to see Bagwell and Biggio go in together, but Biggio is the more likely of the two.

Anyone else care to weigh in?

2013 Baseball HOF Eligible List
Sandy Alomar Jr.
Jeff Bagwell
Craig Biggio
Barry Bonds
Jeff Cirillo
Royce Clayton
Roger Clemens
Jeff Conine
Steve Finley
Julio Franco
Shawn Green
Roberto Hernandez
Ryan Klesko
Kenny Lofton
Edgar Martinez
Don Mattingly
Fred McGriff
Mark McGwire
Jose Mesa
Jack Morris
Dale Murphy
Rafael Palmeiro
Mike Piazza
Tim Raines
Reggie Sanders
Curt Schilling
Aaron Sele
Lee Smith
Sammy Sosa
Mike Stanton
Alan Trammell
Larry Walker
Todd Walker
David Wells
Rondell White
Bernie Williams


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3 thoughts on “2013 Baseball HOF Candidates A Mix of The Good, Bad and Ugly

  1. mark on said:

    Piazza at his position would seem like a lock. what do you think?
    Does not Keith Hernandez have more chances to get in (he should already be in,best fielding 1st i ever saw)
    and if so what do you think of his chances and your opinion of him
    thx mark
    by the way i have really gone downhill on my picks in beat the blogger this yr after winning a number of times maybe its old age.

  2. david morgan on said:

    Let us the people vote for the players who get in.

  3. Keith on said:

    Mattingly, Raines, Murphy, Alamar, Shilling, all deserving, I would not vote for McGwire, Bonds, Clemens, Sosa, or any of them involved in the PED scandal. Of the 5 I names Murphy is the most deserving, though he did not hit 400 HR’s and I hear them saying he only had a short time on top, …. well to that I say BS, 1st Murphy played on sooo many bad Braves teams, he was basically the only threat for a while . then for a little while he also had Horner, which helped him some, but most teams found ways to pitch around Murph because there was no “team” to support him. he was a star on a starless team, who never complained who came to work with his lunchpale and did his JOB day in Day out, the day the Braves traded him to Phila, I was in disbelief. So Please BBWA please wake up and give this loyal, dedicated family man the just reward he sooo deserves

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