A nonpartisan petition to get Rocky into the HOF …


   We got a lot of reader reaction from the May 7 cover feature about the legendary Rocky Colavito, none more intriguing than an e-mail telling us of a petition effort to get the HOF Veterans Committee to give him another look this year.

   The complete e-mail is featured on page 12 of this week’s issue of Sports Collectors Digest (June 11) in the Feedback section, but the point is they have already accumulated about 500 signatures on the cyber document that is posted on www.rockycolavitofans.com.

   I get a kick out of heartfelt efforts like this by fans to get their favorite player installed in Cooperstown. It bespeaks an affection that has less to do with worshipping millionaire star athletes and more with fans who manage to make a real connection with someone they may never even meet.

   It calls to my mind a longtime friend and SCD reader, Ed Tyree of Virginia Beach, Va., who has labored mightily for more than a decade to get baseball writers to accord more respect to the HOF candidacy of Dale Murphy, who, like Colavito, came up just short of a couple of overrated magic numbers but was one of the greatest stars of the game during the era in which he played.

   Rocky’s situation is different, of course, in that the lobbying the Veterans Committee is ostensibly a less imposing challenge than trying to sway the 400-plus BBWAA votes needed for election. But as history has shown – especially over the last decade – it can also be a good trick to get the votes needed from the nearly six dozen living Hall of Famers.

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3 thoughts on “A nonpartisan petition to get Rocky into the HOF …

  1. gloria on said:

    Thanks for acknowledging the efforts of our fan group with such kind comments, Tom. At this writing, the Petition now boasts 562 signatures! You really captured the soul of our endeavor and cited a fact about what continues to motivate our campaign. The heartwarming comments and memories that have been shared on the website and the petition reinforce our drive. Rocky Colavito continues to be a favorite with fans across the country … and one in Canada.

    Thanks again. (g)

  2. Mike Robinson on said:

    Thanks, Tom!

    Many people think Rocky is already in the HOF and are surprised to hear he is not yet. With your kind help many more are now aware and may help with the effort to get him in.

    DKTR (Don’t Knock The Rock),


  3. Randy Marks on said:

    Rocky Colavito could do everything but run fast. His power is well documented. He is one of a very few MLB players who hit four consecutive home runs in a game. I think he also is the only player to have ever hit four homers in a day twice (the second foursome included both games of a doubleheader). He tied for AL lead in homers in 1959 and he led the AL in RBI in 1965. Also in 1965, he showcased his outstanding fielding as he played in all 162 games without a single error!! And how can a discussion of Rocky’s baseball skills be complete without mentioning his rifle for an arm. All baseball experts recognize Rocky Colavito for possessing one of the strongest arms of any MLB outfielder and few runners ever challenged it. He also used this great arm to pitch in major league games twice…ten years apart. He pitched in a game in 1958 for the Cleveland Indians and then again in 1968, just before he retired, for the New York Yankees. In 5 2/3 total innings, he gave up but one hit and no runs with a record of one win and no losses. This small amount of pitching is only offered up to prove that indeed he could do it all…but run fast.

    Wherever Rocky played, he was extremely popular and now over forty years since he retired, he is still quite popular. Parents wanted their children to play like he did and also act like he did. He was always polite and respectful of the fans and the baseball community. Off the field and on, during his playing days and now in retirement, his character was and still is of the highest caliber. No one has ever questioned his integrity. He puts his family first and has been married to the same woman for well over fifty years. His religion is a very important to him. Rocky has lived a life that would make the Hall of Fame proud. As long as being fleet of foot is not a requirement for membership, then Rocky Colavito belongs in the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame.

    Don’t Knock the Rock!
    Randy Marks

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