Allen and Ginter Features Not-So-Common Artifacts Cards

If you’ve collected Topps Allen & Ginter product since its inception in 2006, you have found many unusual cards in its product mix, from the first-ever DNA card, dinosaur bone card, Paw-tagraph (canine’s footprint), grow-able card (featuring plant seeds) to Colony in a Card (eggs of live sea creatures).

These year’s Allen & Ginter product will follow suit with “Artifact” cards. These cards were inserted into packs of 2012 Topps A&G as redemptions and now Topps unveils what the special artifact is that’s embedded into the card.

Following is the checklist and description of the 2012 A&G Artifact Cards:

  • Card 1 – Carcharodon Megalodon Tooth (10 million years old)
  • Card 2 – Bronze coin (Roman Empire)
  • Card 3 – Cleoniceras Species Fossil (120 million years old)
  • Card 4 – Native American stone point (500-9,000 years old)
  • Card 5 – Neolithic stone point (3,000-8,000 years old)


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