A-Rod’s epic battle with Yankee Stadium ghosts

Has there ever been a ballplayer positioned better to be a sure-fire, first-ballot Collecting Hall of Famer than Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez?

Here’s clearly one of those “What on earth do you buy this guy for Christmas” kind of guys. He’s got it all going on: other-worldly talent, crazy all-time-great numbers, good looks, cool nickname and enough money to hang in a poker game with Bill Gates. He’s never gotten into any real trouble, rarely missed any time with injuries and is one of the few sluggers of the modern era who never hears steroid whispers. Read More

Hobby’s undervalued don’t get enough respect

If you want to fire up a conversation or are just looking for a good old-fashioned barroom debate, the old “all-underrated” (insert sport here) team is almost sure-fire ignition. Everybody’s got their list, and chances are, they’ve been secretly waiting for someone to ask them. Seems almost any card-carrying American sports fan is spoiling for a fight when the topic turns to who gets overlooked when we talk about who the “good ones” were. Let’s face it, we all have a few guys that appealed to us for one reason or another, and we seem to hold in higher regard than anybody else. And we are perfectly willing to argue about it.

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Rare Newsboy series find includes Ty Cobb

Collectors of vintage caramel and candy cards will have a chance to get their hands on a prized 1911 Baltimore News Newsboy Series card in the coming weeks.

In fact, they’ll have 17 chances.

In what fi gures to be one of the biggest vintage cardofferings of the year, a Baltimore family will be auctioning off 17 of the super-rare cards, all of which have been graded, on eBay in the next three months. A single card will be listed each week, beginning Sunday, March 2. All the auctions are expected to last one week, for a total of 17 weeks. Read More

Revisit the Top 10 Super Bowls of all time

The best Super Bowls are sort of like old girlfriends. Some of them might not have seemed quite as swell at the time as they seem now.

Some of them take a little memory jogging to recall how cool there were.

And some of them were fantastic at the time, you knew it then, and you’ll probably never get them totally out of your head.
In the spirit of old flames and old games we can’t possibly forget, we present a tribute to the greatest Super Bowls ever played. Read More

The passes, catches and runs that still resonate

Many times we don’t remember who won a game a few years later, but we remember the big plays that occurred in the game’s 60 minutes.

Remember Joe Montana’s pass to John Taylor? How about John Elway’s helicopter flip? Those are the images that are burned into our memories forever.

Following are some of the Super Bowl games we will always remember, from kick returns to amazing catches. Read More

Collectors react to announcement of PSA’s half-grade announcement

Graded card collectors were left with a lot to chew on Wednesday when it was announced that Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA), the hobby’s largest card-grading company, was changing its grading scale to include half grades.

In a move that would, either intentionally or coincidentally, bring them in line with grading competitors Beckett, SGC and GAI — who also offer half grades — PSA officials decided the time was right to expand their grading scale. The move, in effect, adds eight grades to the existing 1-to-10 scale. There will be no 9.5 grade added. Read More