The view from the other side of the National table

I have always been a card collector and had never ventured very far at shows to the other side of the table, otherwise known as the dealer’s side. I did set up my own table once in 1982 at a local show, which proved to be an early lesson in what is involved in trying to organize, price and sell cards.

Once a dealer asked me to watch his table while he went to the bathroom. I made one sale at list price, which reminded me of a business law lecture dealing with the six types of agency and how far my authority likely extended during this “bailment relation” with cards under my care, custody and control. But I had never spent any quality time on the dealer’s side of the table. Read More

‘Goody’ Goldfaden: West Coast hobby giant

Baseball collector trivia question: “Who was born on Nov. 25, 1914?” If you answered, “Joe DiMaggio,” you would only be half right. The other famous person (to baseball collectors) born on that same day is Goodwin Goldfaden. If you then properly asked, “Who is Goodwin Goldfaden?” it would show that you’ve only been collecting for a lousy 20 or 30 years or that you aren’t from the West Coast.

Goldfaden’s Adco Sports Book Exchange
Goodwin Goldfaden was an unusual name I had noticed several times in doing research for previous SCD articles on Jefferson Burdick, Lionel Carter, Buck Barker, Bob Solon and Harry Lilien. Goldfaden advertised in Hobbies Magazine in the 1930s and was mentioned in several early hobby publications under the name Adco Sports Book Exchange, Goodwin Goldfaden, Proprietor. Read More