Roger and Me

For Andy Strasberg, meeting Roger Maris was more than just meeting an idol on the field. It turned into a life-long friendship that extended to Maris’ family. Today, Strasberg continues to promote Maris as a great player and a better one off the field in a series of appearances and speeches.
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Exclusive Interview: Bobby Doerr

Bobby Doerr made a lot of baseball history on how own. However, the famous member of the Red Sox also pursued historical artifacts, making him a collector of baseball history, as well. Check out an exclusive interview with Bobby Doerr.  Read More

From undercover in the ‘Bullpen’ to running his own shop

The name John Ferreira may not ring a bell for autograph and sports card collectors at first. But Ferreira was the FBI undercover agent for Operation Bullpen, the three-year federal investigation that brought down this country’s biggest forgery ring.

And now Ferreira, who has retired from the FBI, is running his own sports card and memorabilia shop in Eugene, Ore. Read More