Tidbits from the 2012 Standard Catalog

Juggling editor duties for SCD and some editing duties with the upcoming 2012 Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards has brought on many long days – and nights – these past few weeks. Jumping between the two has provided many reminders … Read More

Bill Simmons' National Experience

For the third straight year, ESPN’s Bill Simmons attended the National Sports Collectors Convention and then proceeded to feature it on ESPN, this year in the “Grantland” section of the ESPN site. It’s fun to read his work in general, … Read More

Beat the Blogger Results: Aug. 13-15

Nothing like a rainout to wash away the good intentions of a close competition. In the end, it meant more winners this week. The Yankees/Rays got rained out on Sunday, meaning of the match-ups and the tiebreaker were taken out … Read More

National Now in the Rear-View Mirror

All of the buildup leading to the National, all of the announcements of autographs guests, manufacturer giveaways and promotions, special ticket pricing is now a distant memory. With a flash on Sunday, after an armada of people came to see … Read More