Football autographs can be obtained through the mail

By Bryan Petrulis

Retired football players are some of the best signers of all professional athletes. With some politeness, accurate postage and a friendly note, you’ll find much success with the individuals below.

The list below showcases the player’s name, date autograph request was sent, date the autograph request was returned, where it was sent (in this installment, “H” refers to a home address, “O” refers to an office and “S” refers to the team’s arena).

When possible, the autograph request is addressed to the player, in care of the team, and sent to the team’s offices.

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Name                       Status   Date Sent   Date Rec   Sent To   How the Player Signed

Anderson, Donny     retired   11/6/17        11/10/17     H             card in blue Sharpie

Barnes, Billy             retired   11/6/17        11/15/17     H             card in black Sharpie

Baschnagel, Brian    retired   11/6/17        11/17/17     H             card in blue Sharpie

Baughan, Maxie       retired   11/6/17        11/18/17     H             card in black Sharpie

Dickey, Lynn            retired   11/6/17         11/25/17    H             card in blue Sharpie

Douglas, Bobby       retired   11/6/17         12/9/17      H             card in blue Sharpie

Ferguson, Joe         retired    11/6/17         11/27/17    H             card in blue Sharpie

Garrison, Walt         retired    11/20/17       12/9/17      H             card in black Sharpie

Langer, Jim             retired    11/20/17        1/5/18        H            card in black Sharpie

Lansford, Buck        retired    11/20/17       12/30/17     H            card in black Sharpie

Leahy, Pat               retired    11/20/17         1/13/18     H            card in black Sharpie

Lewis, D.D.             retired     11/20/17       12/8/17       H            card in black Sharpie

Livens, Virgil           retired     11/20/17       12/5/17       H            card in black pen

McCarren, Larry     retired      11/20/17       12/14/17    H            card in blue Sharpie

McCoy, Mike           retired      12/11/17       12/29/17     H          card in black Sharpie

McElhenny, Hugh   retired       12/11/17       12/22/17    H     card in blue Sharpie for $15

Moses, Haven        retired        12/11/17        1/8/18      H          card in black Sharpie

Owens, Steve        retired        12/11/17        12/22/17   H          card in black Sharpie

Robinson, Johnny retired        12/11/17          1/3/18     H           card in black Sharpie

Ryan, Fran            retired        12/11/17         12/19/17  H           card in black Sharpie

Wershing, Ray      retired        12/11/17          2/23/17    H          card in blue Sharpie

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