‘Baseball Digest’ Relaunches With 70th Anniversary Issue

Baseball Digest, the authoritative source of information on American baseball since 1942, will relaunch as a full-color glossy with September’s 70th anniversary issue.

Along with its customary editorial content, the magazine will now offer fans exclusive insider scouting reports from ProScouting. Norman Jacobs, publisher of Baseball Digest, announced the relaunch.

With the release of its September 2012 issue, Baseball Digest will debut a new design and format and begin providing fans with content from veteran Major League Baseball scouts that has never before been public. Under the deal, Baseball Digest has sole rights to publish ProScouting materials previously available only to industry insiders. Published six times per year, Baseball Digest will continue to cover fan favorites, such as profiles of current stars, rankings, rosters and season-ending features on its all-star rookie team.

“For the first time in the history of baseball, a media platform will offer fans direct, unfiltered access to scouting information complied by multiple impartial MLB scouts with vast combined experience,” Jacobs said. “It’s a revolutionary development in the field of closely guarded player evaluations, and by coupling this new content with our time-honored editorial, we expect our magazine’s circulation will reflect fans’ excitement over it.”

Each issue of Baseball Digest will now feature in-depth reports directly from several veteran MLB scouts with more than 100 years of combined experience. The scouts will share their insight into ProScouting’s proprietary database of unbiased player evaluations and cross-checks, which analyze baseball talent from high schools, college programs and all levels of the professional game.

“The new Baseball Digest will allow fans and Major League Baseball teams to have easy, in-depth access to the information critical to evaluating new players,” said David Fagley, owner of ProScouting. “We’re incredibly optimistic about offering Baseball Digest our player evaluations straight from our team of veteran MLB scouts on the field.”

Baseball Digest will transition from a 48-page black-and-white publication to a four-color 80-100-page magazine. The first redesigned issue hits newsstands Sept. 4, 2012. Subscriptions are available for $24.95 at BaseballDigest.com. For advertising information, contact Irene Froehlich at (708) 456-9247.

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  1. Martin Jacobs on said:

    Hi Norm,

    It’s been awhile since we’ve chatted? How are you? Congratulations on the new Baseball Digest. I’ll have to pick one up. Well, since we last did business, I moved back into my parents (deseased) home in San Francisco. I got extensively into collecting sports memorabilia, and I have authored 6 books so far, and spending the majority of the time cruising the world. I’m a caregiver for a 92 year-old lady named Jeannie. She’s in better shape than me and I’m 69. I accompany her on these cruises. We go on about 5 a year, and in September we do our 3rd Grand Voyage cruise-75 days to Asia on Holland America, our cruise line of choice. We were cruising with Crystal and Regency, but for the buck and service, Holland takes care of the seniors.
    So how about you Norm? Are you working full time? Do you still publish a football, basketball, hockey, auto racing and a cruise magazine? How is your health? Be sure to say hello to Judy for me. Write back Norm, I’d love to hear from you.. Marty

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