Retired basketball players who sign through the mail

By Bryan Petrulis

Chris Ford autoRetired basketball players are some of the best signers of all professional athletes. With some politeness, accurate postage and a friendly note, you’ll find much success with the individuals below.

The list below showcases the player’s name, date autograph request was sent, date the autograph request was returned, where it was sent (in this installment, “H” refers to a home address, “O” refers to an office and “S” refers to the team’s arena).

When possible, the autograph request is addressed to the player, in care of the team, and sent to the team’s offices.

Name, Status, Date Sent, Date Received, Sent To, How the Player Signed
Calhoun, Jim    retired 9/5/15    9/17/15    H    card in black Sharpie
Cheaney, Calbert    St. L U 7/21/15    8/26/15    O    card in black Sharpie
Chilcutt, Phil    retired 7/21/15    11/30/15    H    card in black Sharpie
Conley, Gene    retired 10/14/15    11/7/15    H    card in black pen
Counts, Mel    retired 11/14/15    12/15/15    H    card in black Sharpie
Ehlo, Craig    retired 7/21/15    7/31/15    H    card in blue Sharpie
Ford, Chris    retired 11/14/15    12/14/15    H    card in black Sharpie
Hagan, Cliff    retired 10/14/15    10/24/15    H    card in blue pen
Hill, Bob    retired 8/12/15    2/1/16    H    card in black Sharpie
Lewis, Bobby    retired 9/5/15    9/12/15    H    card in blue pen
Littles, Gene    retired 9/5/15    9/14/15    H    card in black Sharpie
Moore, Gene    retired 8/12/15    8/21/15    H    card in black pen
Morrison, Dwight    retired 10/14/15    10/24/15    H    card in black pen
Ohl, Don    retired 12/14/15    1/14/16    H    card in black pen
Ostertag, Greg    retired 8/5/15    12/3/15    H    card in black Sharpie
Owens, Tom    retired 9/5/15    9/16/15    H    card in black pen
Petersen, Loy    retired 12/14/15    1/15/16    H    card in black pen
Pettit, Bob    retired 10/14/15    11/2/15    H    card in blue Sharpie
Robinson, Wil    retired 8/12/15    8/28/15    H    card in black Sharpie
Sikma, Jack    retired 9/5/15    9/12/15    H    card in blue Sharpie
Smith, Greg    retired 11/14/15    12/13/15    H    card in black pen

Address for former players who sign

Calhoun, Jim    PO Box 379, Pomfret Center, CT 06259        
Conley, Gene    400 Foxborough Blvd., Foxborough, MA 02035        
Counts, Mel    1581 Matheny Rd., Gervais, OR 97026        
Ford, Chris     424 N. Vendome Ave., Margate City, NJ 08402-1265        
Hagan, Cliff    3637 Hidden Pond Rd., Lexington, KY 40502        
Lewis, Bobby    3656 Bay Dr., Edgewater, MD 21037    
Littles, Gene    6421 E. Beck Lane, Scottsdale, AZ 85254        
Morrison, Dwight    6112 E. Singletree St., Apache Junction, AZ 85119        
Owens, Tom    19788 Wildwood Dr., West Linn, OR 97068        
Pettit, Bob    7 Garden Lane, New Orleans, LA 70124        
Sikma, Jack    9125 NE 21st Place, Clyde Hill, WA 98004        
Smith, Greg    9930 SW Lumbee Lane, Tutatin, OR 97062


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