Beat the Blogger Match-Ups: Oct. 9

Some of the postseason games are up in the air as to who will play, and since we can’t wait until Friday night to create match-ups, we’ll go all Sunday football games. 

As a reminder, contestants please post your e-mail address with your picks to be able to get addresses when you win. For those unfamiliar with the Beat the Blogger contest, the idea is simple. The Blogger posts 10 match-ups each week and then selects his choices for the winners of those match-ups. Contestants enter the Beat the Blogger contest by clicking on the “Comment” section below the post with the match-ups and then select their own winners. Please fill out the tie-breaker question at the end.

If you Beat The Blogger’s total and post the high score for the week, you win. The regular weekly prize is a signed 8-by-10 photo of a professional athlete.

NFL (Sunday)
Tennessee at Pittsburgh (Pitt)
Cincinnati at Jacksonville (Jack)
New Orleans at Carolina (NO)
Oakland at Houston (Hou)
Philadelphia at Buffalo (Phi)
Kansas City at Indianapolis (Indy)
Tampa Bay at San Francisco (TB)
New York Jets at New England (NE)
San Diego at Denver (SD)
Green Bay at Atlanta (Atl)

Who throws for more yards: The Saints’ Drew Brees or the Panthers’ Cam Newton?

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