Beat the Blogger Results: June 26

Thanks to everyone for playing Beat the Blogger last week. 

We had a lot of great
predictors for the week, with seven people getting 8 or more of the 10 games
correct. Of those seven, three people got nine games correct. And all three will get a signed 8×10 because they all answered “No” to the question of “Will Roy Halladay pitch a complete game?” which he did.

This week’s winners are Ryder Gilman, Martin Sonsky and Dede. I believe I have addresses for everyone except Ryder. Please pass along

I’ll have this Sunday’s baseball games by mid-week. Thanks again to everyone for playing.

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4 thoughts on “Beat the Blogger Results: June 26

  1. john francis on said:

    it looks like this blog is just about who can beat the blogger than any more informative hobby infomation i miss t.s

  2. Lynsey on said:

    Shoot, who would have tuoghht that it was that easy?

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