Beat the Blogger Results: Mar. 3-4

Some solid college basketball games to wrap up the regular season took place over the weekend, along with some entertaining NBA games.

However, not too many people were fooled, as there were many contestants who got 8 of the 10 games correct – the tie-breakers, however, weeded some of these out. That said, we had four winners this week: Martin K, Andrew Greb, Elizabeth Bertel and Yale Brown. Your prizes will be mailed out.

With conference tournament action this weekend, this weekend’s games might be heavy on the NBA. We’ll have them posted on Thursday.

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2 thoughts on “Beat the Blogger Results: Mar. 3-4

  1. mark on said:

    Good day Tom,
    i just recvd my prize 03/01 and the mailman shoved it in the box which caused two creases in the photo.
    pls stamp your envelopes with Do Not Bend.I got lucky with my Ron Swoboda the time before last.
    i am not asking for another prize and do not expect it but maybe others will not be in the same place as i am.
    not a large complaint and i love these contests keep up the great work.
    mark in beautiful tucson

    • Tom Bartsch on said:

      Thanks for letting me know Mark. I have neglected to write “Do not bend” but will do so going forward, as it does work. My apologies. I’ll send along another …this time marked correctly.

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