Beat the Blogger Results: Oct. 22-23

This weekend’s games proved a lot harder to pick then in some previous weeks. Among other disappointments, it looks like the feel-good Lions have come back to earth.

Two people stood above the rest in this week’s picks, as Joan Kelly and Simone Gunzberg each picked 8 of the 10 games correctly and also got the tie-breaker correct. Congrats to you both, a signed 8×10 is in your future.

This weekend’s match-ups will be posted on Thursday.

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5 thoughts on “Beat the Blogger Results: Oct. 22-23

  1. simone gunzburg on said:

    how do i send u my mailing info?

  2. why don’t you write more articles about the hobby it seemss this column is just about beat the blogger and not about the hobby it self

    john f

  3. Simone on said:

    Ok email sent thanks

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