Beckett Adds New Photograph Authentication and Grading Service

Beckett Grading Services (BGS) has announced a new original photograph authentication and grading service. From news photos, wire photos and movie stills to snapshots, Polaroids and 1800s mounted photos, BGS is now offering the opportunity to prove that collector’s photos are worth much more than a thousand words.
With this announcement, BGS now provides a choice between authentication and encapsulation only, or with a numerical grade added. Both services provide these inherently fragile artistic images with the best preservation and presentation capabilities on the market.
Teaming with noted photograph expert and art historian David Rudd (, Beckett is now able to authenticate, grade (optional), encapsulate, and label collector’s photographs. This is a new service offered without adding unsightly stickers or holograms to the surface, and securing them in a tamperproof, archival-safe holder.
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