Bernie Madoff and Allen & Ginter Unite in 2009

Once again, Tom Bartsch pinch-hits for T.S. O’Connell:

When it comes to Bernie Madoff, one of the last things I would
have associated him with is baseball cards. Unless, of course, he
managed to steal those, too and sell them for his own gain.

But then comes this subject line in my e-mail: “Topps Issues a Trading Card of the Swindler as Part of the New 2009 Topps Allen & Ginter Product Out in June”

AllenGinterMadoff.jpgI get the whole social scene inclusion in Allen & Ginter but the only thing I want to do with a Madoff card is burn it.
Madoff card will be a part of Topps’ Allen & Ginter inserts of
cards that feature the “world’s biggest hoaxes, hoodwinks and
bamboozles,” including disgraced ponzi schemer Madoff. The cards
feature 20 perpetrators of some of the most notorious pranks, dubious
claims and outright frauds of the last two centuries. Other notables in
the set will include: Charles Ponzi, Enron, D.B. Cooper and The Run
Away Bride, found in 1:12 packs.
According to the release,
Topps originally developed the idea of “world’s biggest hoaxes,
hoodwinks and bamboozles,” inserts earlier this year prior to the
Madoff scandal.

And I suppose he’s the icing on that cake.

Topps Allen & Ginter includes a 350-card set featuring Major League
Baseball players and champions from other sports. Along with the
“Hoaxes, Hoodwinks and Bamboozles” insert set, collectors can also find
subsets featuring “Creatures of Legend, Myth and Terror” and “National
Heroes” from around the world.
So who do you want in your first pack of Allen & Ginter – Madoff or David Ortiz?

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7 thoughts on “Bernie Madoff and Allen & Ginter Unite in 2009

  1. Josh Gibson on said:

    Wonderful irony here…

  2. TomTesh2 on said:

    TS, Check out my YouTube video featuring YOU!! I’d love to hear what you think of it!

  3. I agree about the Irony here. I wonder under the Hoaxes category if they included any cards from Coaches corner? On a related note, I see your fine publication hit a low-point this week with the thinnest issue I have ever seen. Don’t blame the economy, it has to do with you losing credibility and your continued allegiance to Coaches Corner.

  4. Former Subscriber on said:

    I was thinking the same thing as you, Mike. My vote’s for an SCD/Coach’s Corner dual hoax card. Dahh….there we go again, changing the subject and whining about crap that poor T.S. and his noodle-spined publisher have no control over. Release the censors!

    Enjoyed the vid, btw, Tom.

  5. TomTresh2 on said:

    Thank you. Please continue to watch for future videos!

  6. on said:

    Do you know the difference between TS and Madeoff? Madeoff turned himself in!

  7. from the website of autographalert:

    SCD “Sports Collectors Digest”
    Where Have You Gone?

    The April 10th issue of SCD has been published and it does not come as a surprise to many that this magazine has been reduced to a mere 38 pages. That includes the two covers which counts for 8 pages.

    This collapse was predicted years ago and SCD management was advised how to correct their obvious problems. Recommendations from seasoned hobbyists were basically ignored.

    Just a few years ago it took an entire afternoon to read the publication which can now be read in minutes. Of the 38 pages, 27 are advertisements and that is with the disappearance of many of the advertisers (which was also very predictable). The Vendor’s Stand is down to an embarrassing three-quarter’s of a page.

    One thing hasn’t changed and that is the $4.99 Cover Price or $6.99 in Canada.

    Emails to Dean Listle, Publisher, requesting the number of paid SCD subscriber’s remain unanswered.


    I wrote to autograph alert and stated:

    Good job on your latest entry,

    however, I feel my submission last week could have had a greater impact.

    i believe while your story was good, it missed its mark.

    if you browse over to SCD’s web site you will see an eruption of comments under TS O’Connell’s articles. The comments complain about coaches corner and SCD.

    you will see dozens of entries as readership continues to revolt and turn away (That’s the real story).

    finally, one member, tired of his comments being deleted and tired of being ignored went on to youtube to share is story of scd of coaches corner. I sent you the link last week.

    please do a story on this,

    Just thought all the readers would like to know.

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