The owner of the baseball Barry Bonds hit for his last home run to set the all-time major league record announced recently that he has enlisted the services of SCP Auctions to present the ball in an online auction March 31-April 12. SCP Auctions officials have predicted that the selling price of the No. 762 ball could approach $1 million.

Jameson Sutton, 24, of Boulder, Colo., said the online auction of Bonds’ 762nd  home run ball will[description] take place at Sutton’s family has been Rockies season ticket holders since the team’s inception in 1993.

Bonds’ record-setting home run occurred Sept. 5 at Coors Field in Denver. The ball, caught by Sutton, barely cleared the outfield barrier and Colorado outfielder Matt Holliday contended fan interference but lost the argument because he had pulled up short of the barrier. Until the press conference, the ball had not surfaced.

Because the ball did not contain special authentication markings from Major League Baseball, SCP Auctions’ officials said they undertook "an extensive process through several independent sources" to verify that Sutton had the final home run ball. Company officials said they studied the game film and interviewed those present, including Robert Harmon, who attempted to snare No. 762 in the ensuing scramble after the catch. Harmon signed an affidavit for SCP that he did not have possession of the ball. Sutton also submitted to a polygraph test.

"Baseball’s all-time home run record is, arguably, the most prominent individual record in all of sports," said Dan Imler, SCP Auctions’ managing director. "Barry Bonds’ career home run No. 762 baseball is the ultimate embodiment of that record and, as such, is one of the most important pieces of baseball memorabilia in the world."

Hosting the auction prior to the start of the season poses an interesting dilemma for potential bidders. Should the ball eventually represent Bonds’ final home run, it has the potential to be $1-million item. But if Bonds were to play again and hit another home run, its value will be greatly diminished. SCP Auctions also sold Bonds home run balls Nos. 755 and 756 for $186,750 and $752,467, respectively.

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