Chastain Gets Her Famous Bra Back

As part of the closing of the Sports Museum of America, hundreds of pieces of sports memorabilia were left in limbo, with athletes being told that to get their stuff back, they would have to pay for it. Well, one piece is back in it’s owners arms – Brandi Chastain’s bra from the 1999 World Cup.

According to USA Today, those who lent the artifacts were then told they had to pay $250 plus shipping for their return. But this week, Chastain got her famous bra back.

"It’s arrived!!!!" Chastain wrote in a text message, attaching a picture of the bra seen ’round the world. "Here she is."

According to USA Today, with the help of a lawyer, Chastain didn’t have to pay for its safe return (she thinks) and was never really aware of its location after the museum closed

The cross-country process to free her bra was accomplished with numerous phone calls and e-mails. Recently, she sent those handling its return an e-mail explaining why it was important to get the sports bra back at this time. It’s the 10th anniversary of 1999 World Cup, which Chastain won with the game-clinching penalty kick and subsequent shirt-shedding celebration.

"I don’t know if the e-mail helped or if it was in the works already," she said. "I thought I might need it. I haven’t done laundry in a while," she joked.

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