Changing times hard to avoid at shows …


   I spent the weekend at the Chicago Sun Times Show at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Ill., and it’s hard not to notice that our hobby that’s so resistant to change finds a degree of it unavoidable at modern card shows.
   Just as its famous counterpart in Valley Forge, Pa., the iconic Philly Show has done for decades, the Sun-Times Show holds a unique position for Midwest collectors as a twice-annual reminder of how the hobby started and the powerful hold that shows have.
   Still, even a horse like the Sun-Times has had to make concessions to the current economic climate, this time with a show about 16 percent smaller in terms of the number of dealers.
   Show promoter Brian Schwartz insisted the attendance numbers were probably close to those of the November 2008 show, and noted a strong turnout from fans for reunion of the beloved 1985 Super Bowl Champions Bears on Sunday afternoon.
   Chronicling sales is even trickier, since such considerations can vary widely depending upon whom you ask. A number of dealers told me that collectors seemed a little slow to pull the trigger on deals, a perhaps understandable observation given the tenor of the times. For my part, it seemed to me there was a bit more sightseeing than I might have expected, with many collectors seemingly give short shrift to many dealers as they walked by.
   Still, there was a lot going on, from a serious buzz Sunday from all those lovable Bears to a Heisman Trophy that walked in the door Saturday afternoon, in a manner of speaking. Plus, all weekend long, the gang from Hartland and Mike Shuba (shown in photo at right), the son of George “Shotgun” Shuba, were hawking a unique “Kwik Mit” that is designed to give fans at the ballpark a big assist when it comes to catching foul balls and home runs.
   More on all of that later this week.

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5 thoughts on “Changing times hard to avoid at shows …

  1. Former Subscriber on said:

    You obviously feel that I am off base in my assessment of Coach’s Corner. Fine. Then let’s pretend that I am the only person who doesn’t care for them. You have enabled commenting on your blog for some reason, which I thought indicated an openness to free and public debate.

    Here is my simple question: Why does SCD continue to promote Coach’s Corner given everything we know about them?

    Rather than delete comments and questions that you don’t like, why not just take a minute to answer them here? Is putting your lust for censorship aside for a minute too much to ask?

  2. I agree with the previous comments. I now disregard almost everything SCD writes. The only reason I continue to subscribe is to learn about upcoming auctions and since I am in the mailing industry I see that new auction houses "rent" or "borrow" SCD’s lists when mailing their catalogs.

    SCD has ruined their reputation and whenever I discuss SCD with other collectors we all feel they sold out and are no longer creditable. Coaches corner will be shut down someday by the FBI (we hope). then what will are friends at SCD do?

  3. Dan on said:

    The auction that JUST ended this weekend, an autograph of John Wilkes Booth (with STAT certification) sold for $359. A 1963 Pete Rose rookie card with JSA certification sold for $375 and SCD sees nothing wrong with this.

  4. TomTesh2 on said:

    Hey TS, check out my new video on You Tube featuring YOU! My question is this : Why do you sit back and do nothing about this outrage?

  5. RichardWees on said:

    Why doesn’t he do anything? He likes having a job. Hey TS, how about a story on how all this equipment that comes in signed form ONLY in SCD’s largest advertiser, Coach’s Corner Sports Auctions, like TWO more signed pants this month by Lou Gehrig! TomTresh2 guy is doing what you should, but we know you can’t and won’t and that’s a shame.

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