Former Mets Clubhouse Manager Formally Inducted

Having worked for 27 years in the clubhouse for the New York Mets, Charlie Samuels knew all fo the players who came and went very well. Yet, he couldn’t help himself and soon was in illegal possession with millions in game-used memorabilia.

Former New York Mets clubhouse manager, Charlie Samuels, was formerly inducted in a  Queens court this week, for alledgedly stealing and possessing $2.3 million worth of game-used memorabilia, including signed jerseys, bats and baseballs, that belonged to the Mets organization.

Samuels is also charged with embezzling $24,955 from the Mets by submitting inflated expense reports. He also failed to report or pay taxes on $203,789 in tips and dues received by Mets players, among others, in 2008 and 2009.

Samuels is due back in court June 17, and he could be senteenced anywhere from 8-25 years in prison.

According to reports, Samuels stockpiled 507 signed and unsigned jerseys, 304 hats, 828 bats, 22 batting helmets and 10 equipment bags. His defense is he obtained the items from the team and had them signed on his own through relationships with the players. Samuels did not sell any of the merchandise to date, but was stockpiling as a retirement fund.

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