Collector Looking for Cards of George Owen III

In the category of collectors helping other collectors, below is an e-mail I received recently from William Harp, who is looking for a baseball card of George Owen III, a family friend.

I’ll let his note take it from here:
I am looking for information and a baseball card for George Owen III and/or any lead on Minor League Globe Printing Cards from the 1950s.

George played in the minors from 1950-1953.

  • 1950 & 52 California State League (Ventura Braves) – I am looking for this card in this 1952 team set (Card #8)
  • 1951 Quebec (Canada)
  • 1953 Gulf Coast League playing for Laredo, then Brownsville (not sure if it was mid-season or not?)
  • Big State League (time/year unknown)
  • Appalachian League (time/year unknown)

As I said, I am on the look out for this card, a team photo or news clipping from any of those teams/clubs during that time period.

The reason being, George had his 86th birthday last month and he has been a great friend of the family since 1966. I would like to provide him and his family (yes, and myself) with this gift.

Thanks for any help that you may be able to give.

Anyone with information on any of these sets or can direct William to someone who might be able to help, please e-mail

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