Dempsey painting hits $9,462 in EAC Gallery auctio

EAC Gallery president, Larry Rosenbaum, was excited about the signed, original oil painting of Jack Dempsey in his company’s May auction before the auction began. When the painting sold, it did not disappoint, selling for $9,462. It was the sports item that received the highest bid in the auction.

07EACdempsey.jpgThe majority of the top-selling sports items were autographed baseballs, with several of the baseballs containing signatures of Yankees players. Leading the way was a Joe DiMaggio game-used Frick Official NL ball, which was the ball he hit for his last home run. It sold for $5,875.

Other top selling Yankees signed baseballs included: a 1951 World Series champion Yankees signed Harridge official AL ball ($4,302) and a Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig autographed Barnard official AL baseball ($2,840).

Other top selling sports items included: a Ty Cobb autographed American League ball ($4,700); a 1929 World Champion Philadelphia A’s and Washington Senators autographed Barnard official AL ball ($2,585); a Honus Wagner autographed ball ($2,581); and a Mickey Mantle signed original painting by Leon Wolf and signed by Wolf ($2,440).

The top selling item in the auction was a The Beatles signed album cover, their first LP release in the UK. It sold for $12,796. Other top selling non-sport items included: a King Ferdinand V and Queen Isabella I manuscript document ($8,115); an Abraham Lincoln document signed as President ($4,847); and a Queen Isabella manuscript document signed as Queen ($3,124).

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