Many questions remain unanswered in Ornstein case

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Questions have been asked, but specific answers have been few and far between regarding the case of dozens of misrepresented game-worn jerseys sold by convicted fraudster Mike Ornstein several years ago.

The case came to light last month, nearly four months after Ornstein–a close confidant of some NFL teams and players–pleaded guilty in a federal courtroom to fraud and conspiracy charges.  He’s scheduled to be sentenced next week.

Ornstein’s admitted unlawful transactions involving Super Bowl tickets grabbed most of the national headlines, but collectors were more interested in the dozens of  jerseys he peddled to at least one card company and at least one auction house from 2000-2003.  The government had evidence that Ornstein, in concert with other unnamed individuals, conspired to order jerseys on several occasions and later represent them as game worn when they were actually just replicas.

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