NBA players suing Topps

Unpaid autograph contracts the reason for suit

A dozen NBA players are suing Topps claiming the trading card maker reneged on a contract to provide a set number of autographs for its trading card products.
How much Topps was willing to pay for certain NBA players’ autographs is just one of the interesting tidbits to come out of a lawsuit filed last week in New York on behalf of 12 athletes who say the company owes them money.

Attorneys representing Derrick Rose, Brandon Roy, Tracy McGrady and others claim that Topps must honor an obligation to pay them for a certain number of autographs they agreed to sign last year.

The lawsuit filed in New York says that between February and September of 2008, the players entered into an arrangement to sign between 500 and 10,000 autographs at fees ranging from $3 to $50 each. Topps apparently supplied some of the cards needed for the players to sign, but then notified them in March of this year that it no longer wanted the original number of signatures and would only be paying for those that had already been signed by the players. Two months earlier, the NBA had agreed to an exclusive arrangement with Panini to become the NBA’s sole trading card provider beginning in the fall of this year, ending Topps’ NBA license.

The suit is seeking $298,560 in money it claims the players are owed, plus attorney’s fees, costs and interest.

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