eBay Pushing Sellers to Offer Free Shipping

The following comes from Eric Bradley, editor of Antique Trader of the F+W Media family:

ebay_logo.jpgeBay sellers will be charged 9 percent of an item’s selling price plus the amount the seller charges the buyer for shipping under a major new selling change announced last week. The fee, to be capped at $100, is meant to encourage more sellers to offer free shipping.

On the flip side, listing fees will be dropped and sellers will now be able to list up to 50 items each month at any starting price. Sellers also may elect the option to add the popular “Buy it Now” selling option for free.

Abolishing listing fees is not a new move for eBay. The fees were levied far less starting last year across several promotional efforts. The move was designed to attract sellers and compete with the growing number of ecommerce websites as well as curb the monstrous growth of Amazon.com. Amazon announced early last year that antiques and collectibles sellers were welcome to the site, however the category has failed to take off.

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6 thoughts on “eBay Pushing Sellers to Offer Free Shipping

  1. John Salinger on said:

    Why in the world would anyone sell on EBay now? EBay promotes the idea that you are building your own business. In fact, you are working for EBay. They have more rules that benfit only EBay and make it tougher to truly operate a business the way you want. I know at least 25 sellers that would be satisfied to be able to "profit" equal to what EBay charges for their listing/selling fees.
    Everytime I talk to people about EBay, I very rarely hear anything positive said about them. The closest Ebay sellers come is that it’s the only game in town.
    I sold for 10 years. I quit about 9 months ago. I won’t even BUY on EBay anymore.
    I’m just waiting for something better than EBay to come out. Surprisingly, I tend to enjoy shopping on http://www.webstore.com . I tend to patronize the sellers that use Google checkout.

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