Brett Favre’s First Game-Winning Touchdown Pass Football to be Sold in Heritage Auction

The football thrown by Brett Favre to stun the Cincinnati Bengals in a last second victory on September 20, 1992, recording Favre’s first game-winning touchdown, will be sold in the upcoming October 18th, 2008 Signature Auction to be held in Dallas, Texas.
“Just about every career highlight film featuring Brett Favre begins with this play,” said Chris Ivy, Director of Heritage Auction Galleries’ Sports Collectibles division (HSC), “Any Green Bay Packers fan has seen it a million times, but the football Favre threw is making its auction debut here at Heritage.” 
The ball was consigned to auction by former Packers wide receiver Kitrick Taylor, Favre’s target for this historic connection, who saved the ball as a personal keepsake since that improbable comeback victory orchestrated by the untested second-string quarterback.  Favre’s famous second career touchdown pass (his first came earlier in the same game) was coincidentally Taylor’s first career touchdown reception.  “After following [Favre’s] career further,” Taylor explained, “I saw what was going to happen, so I started to cherish the ball more, now knowing it is going to be an historic piece of property.”
The football, notated in Taylor’s hand and autographed by Favre himself, is accompanied by an autographed photo of Taylor celebrating in the end zone, the football held aloft in his right hand.  It is inscribed to the eventual winning bidder, “Hope you enjoy owning this football as much as I enjoyed catching it.”

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