‘Bronx Bombers’ on Broadway

Theater and sports is always a sketchy call. Often details like facts and accurate portrayals are out the window. So how does ‘Bronx Bombers’ bring several Yankee greats across generations together on one stage and make it work? Paul Ferrante explains in his 3 out of 4 stars review. Read More

1923 Yankees Watch Belonging to Babe Ruth Offered by Heritage

As part of its Platinum Night Auction on Feb,. 22, Heritage auctions in introducing the 1923 N.Y. Yankee World Championship watch awarded to Babe Ruth. The watch was later given to a good friend of Ruth’s – the entire lineage of the watch is detailed here and why it’s such an important piece of sports memorabilia. Early estimates by Heritage say the watch with bring more than $750,000. Read More

Hockey Card Day Coming to Shops in U.S., Canada on Jan. 18

This year marks the sixth year Upper Deck has run this event as a way not only to thank existing collectors for their support, but more importantly, to encourage hockey fans, youngsters and lapsed collectors to enjoy the fun of opening a pack of new hockey cards. Fans throughout Canada and the United States simply need to visit a participating retailer on Saturday, Jan. 18 to receive a free pack of Upper Deck’s National Hockey Card Day cards. Read More

Interview With Former Kicker Don Cockroft

The question follows former Cleveland Browns kicker Don Cockroft to this day – why didn’t you kick it? – so he decided to write about it and and the 1980 season. Here is a SCD exclusive interview with Cockroft talking about the kick, his career and who he considers to be the best kickers today. Read More