Starr donates title rings to Packers HOF

GREEN BAY – A former Packers player was back in Green Bay Saturday, and he didn’t come empty handed.

NFL legend Bart Starr and his wife Cherry decided to clean house, and the couple has made a "championship" donation to the Packers Hall of Fame.

Former Green Bay Packers quarterback Bart Starr made football history. Now he and his wife Cherry are adding to the collection of historic memorabilia in the Packers Hall of Fame.

The couple donated Bart Starr’s championship rings from the 1961, ’65 and ’66 seasons, plus a watch he received after the 1962 title.

“Never have we had a former player donate a championship ring so here we have a complete set that Packers fans are going to be able to appreciate and enjoy for decades and decades to come. Like I said it’s just a marvelous contribution and donations to our Hall of Fame. I can’t thank the Starrs enough,” said Packers Hall of Fame archivist Tom Murphy.

The Starrs also donated a necklace from Cherry with charms from all five championships.

Bart Starr said gifting the items was his wife’s idea. She explained how it all happened.

“Bart and I were going on a trip sometime ago and every time I left the plaque was hanging in his study with the rings on it and I felt very uncomfortable about leaving our house and having that very vulnerable on the wall, and my necklace was at home too. And I thought this isn’t good. Not that many people didn’t get to enjoy it – people did come in from time to time – and I thought what a great thing if thousands of people could enjoy seeing these rings and my necklace,” said Cherry Starr.

While it might seem hard to believe, Bart Starr said it isn’t hard to part with his championship rings.

“Not at all because when you recognize the number of people who made those possible and it truly does spell out that word TEAM–together everyone achieves more-to recognize the great things that this great Packers organization gave to us-for us-through super leaders like coach Vince Lombardi–it’s a joy to give back.

But as the media snapped photos of the couple with the donated items, Cherry – who hadn’t seen her necklace in years – blurted out, “I’m changing my mind!”

All joking aside, the Starrs say it means a lot to them to share these priceless treasures with others.

“Because you have people from all over the country and actually the world who come through here, so I know you’re going to enjoy it, and they’re going to enjoy it and it just makes us really happy,” said Cherry Starr.

Starr still wears his 1967 Super Bowl ring, but plans to eventually donate it to the Hall of Fame.

The watch is still on its way, but the other items are on display at the Hall of Fame in a temporary case. They will eventually be included in the permanent displays.


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