Frozen Pond Auction of Maple Leaf Garden Artifacts Ends Next week

Hersh Bornstein, president of Frozen Pond, provided a quick update on the auction of artifacts from the Maple Leaf Gardens. This si your chance to grab stadium memorabilia straight from the source.

The auction of Maple Leaf Gardens artifacts will be closing Nov. 14 between 7:00 – 10:00 p.m.  It is an amazing opportunity for die-hard Maple Leaf fans and collectors to purchase a true piece of hockey history. Stanley Cup Banners, Retired Number Banners, Championship Collages, Rare Paintings and Photos, Dressing Room Doors and The Penalty Benches are all available.

Right now the toilet from the Leafs dressing room has 17 bids and is at $1,550.  The 1967 Stanley Cup banner is at $13,000, and the home penalty bench is at $10,250.  The Hot Stove Club sign currently has a high bid of $1,051.

To see the items, click here.

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