Breaking News – Hunt FanFest Auction Day 1 in the Books

The first day of Hunt Auctions’ FanFest sale is in the books and it held as much action as the Home Run Derby.

Lot 80, the Babe Ruth game-worn cap stole the show during the first installment of the sale selling at $327,750, but it was a 1978 Thurman Munson All-Star game ring that was the biggest surprise, tallying nine times the high estimate ($36,800).

"The most surprising items in the auction have been the Thurman Munson rings," said Dan Schmidt, Hunt’s auction manager. "You know how it is in auctions when you have the back and the forth. That one crept up from below $10,000 and just kept going back and forth and back and forth. And that really riles up the crowd. And that was perfect because it led into the MVP trophy and the World Series ring."

According to Schmidt, the live auction setup has a very prominent location in the FanFest venue.

"We had good attendance, FanFest is always a good venue," said Schmidt. "You always wonder going into an auction which item is going to be the one that explodes and goes over the high estimate and in this case the award goes to the Munson All-Star ring. I think that has a lot to do with it being an All-Star item at an All-Star event, so I think that just speaks to the fact that we’re in the right venue."

Day two of the event is just getting underway. Keep checking back for exclusive updates from Sports Collectors Digest.

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