Identification Help Wanted: 1904 Medal

The SCD office received an inquiry from a reader who had picked up a medal at a swap meet that was attached as a keychain. He is looking for some help in identifying the piece. I’ll let him pick it up from here:

I am looking to see if anyone has seen any medals like this one. It’s made of 14k gold with a mine cut diamond (its overall size if a little bigger than a half-dollar)
It reads: ST.Bartholomew Club NY. / Hospital Corps. 8th, Reg. N.G.N.Y.

The medal was presented for a 800 YD RUN…1904. Was told it could have been given to person trying out for the …1904 Olympics ……..but do not know who???

Below are some photos. Any insight, please use the comment section below.

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One thought on “Identification Help Wanted: 1904 Medal

  1. Jason Alpers on said:

    Please look at the website listed below in order to gather more information about the games between the New York Club and the ST.Bartholomew Club. In addition, if this is connected to the 1904 Olympics, then you can look the information up on who ran and compare it to the list of names that is in this article to see if you get a match. A nice picture is provided in the article and individual names are listed below their respective pictures. It would be great if you could figure who this was awarded to. At the end of the article there is a list of the winners of the races. If this was published in 1904, then maybe there is another article that was published the year prior. This article is from 1905; nevertheless, it is in my opinion that this will be a wonderful place to start. I hope brings a little clarity and helps with your endeavors of finding out more about the award. The following website is from the 1905 “New York Times”:

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