If you didn't know already, Max is a mensch …

MaxguyI.jpg   With all of the aggravations that frequently assault us in our hobby, just as they do in our broader life itself, it’s ultimately the more elemental things that counteract those various indignities and keep us hanging in there even when there’s a tendency to say the hell with it all.
   Atop that list would be all of the wonderful people that you run into over the years, people like Philadelphia A’s Historical Society guru Max Silberman. Max, who has had some health difficulties from time to time, had a stroke recently and is currently recovering at home under the care of his wife, Rikki, who’s almost as famous (and beloved) as he is on the East Coast show circuit.
   I decided to send Max a card, and quickly thought I’d take the process quite literally in terms of our hobby, so I sent him a “card” along with the usual get-well wishes. Max is the historian for the Philadelphia A’s Historical Society, so that provided an obvious starting point.
   Max and Rikki have been attending card shows for 35 years, back to the days when just about everybody involved was in it because they loved the stuff and making dough was little more than a secondary consideration. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it’s just nice to take note of the folks who were involved before the almighty dollar became such a prominent force.
   Max was also a well-known contributor to the various early hobby publications, including SCD, and more importantly, just about the nicest guy you would ever run into.
   His great pal, Ernie Montella, reminded me that over the course of a year that Max answers thousands of questions about the early days of the hobby, baseball history and, of course, the Philadelphia A’s. “If you listed a hobby’s virtual Who’s Who, the Silbermans would be on everybody’s list of hobby icons,” said Montella.
   The address is: Max Silberman, 1526 Brookhaven Rd., Wynnewood, PA19096.

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23 thoughts on “If you didn't know already, Max is a mensch …

  1. T.S. how nice of you to use the word mench in your story and to provide an address for Max. To make sure I fully understood the term Mench, I looked it up. Mench is a yiddish term, meaning "a good person" with qualities one would hope for in a dear friend or trusted colleague. How great is it that you used this term. After all, SCD used to be a trusted colleage, however, thanks to your head-in-the-sand stance, SCD is in shambles. You sir, are not a Mench, shame on you and your publication for allowing Coache’s corner to advertise and worse, shame on you for having stories about their auctions in SCD. Time is almost up: I have a feeling the FBI will close them down and SCD will be out of business. What a shame you allowed this to happen on your watch!

  2. MarkE on said:

    What’s even more a shame is how Mr. T.S. has awarded Coach’s corner customer service awards and raving reviews in his articles. I believe he is just as dirty as they are and they all should be sharing a jail cell together while being sexual assaulted by a group of Arabs!

  3. Just like Bernie Madeoff had the help of others, just like J. DiMaggio and the Marino’s worked together (see Operation Bullpen)it is becoming more evident that T.S. and SCD and Coache’s corner are connected. How else do you explain this?

  4. Frank on said:

    The following statement can be found on the Coaches Corner site (http://www.myccsa.com/About.aspx): "Coach’s Corner is SCD’s largest advertiser!"

    Pretty much says it all. T.S. and his publisher must be proud.

    P.S. – Anyone wanna bet that T.S. eventually disables all commenting on his blog?

  5. Don Jarmus on said:

    I used to be a subscriber for years but finally had to stop because of all this crap. TS is the main reason. The guy’s self centered ego alone did that, not to mention his partnership with Coach’s corner and those fraud "authenticators"

  6. sports-rings.com on said:

    I just learned that TS has been deleting TomTresh2’s comments. Why does TS yank TomTresh2’s comments while keeping Coach’s corner as an advetiser? TS – You continue to amaze me. This is why 90% of my collection is sports rings – until coach’s corner figures out how to make realistic fakes of rings and trophies.

  7. brett 75 on said:

    If you don’t like coaches corner don’t buy from them but stop snivelling. If you don’t like the mag move on to someplace else those of us who do enjoy it don’t need you around !!!!! Brett

  8. Chuck Ponzi on said:

    Oh, so everyone’s supposed to just shut up about fake autographs? It’s just ‘sniveling’ to complain about trash being sold with the blessing of SCD, eh? Why would you love a publication that supports this kind of stuff…

  9. Brett 75

    I don’t like coaches corner and I don’t buy from them. My comments should not deter you from enjoying SCD. However, we need to discuss this matter and alert others what’s going on. Until TS takes this away from us this is our opportunity. Who exactly Brett were you hoping to have around the comment section?

  10. Jesse Chavez from Mokena, IL on said:

    I tried for months to get an answer From Mr. O’Connell in 2005 about Coach’s Corner and he never responded. I tried writing, e-mailing and finally calling to no avail. I reached the point of quiting my subscription and moving on. They are obviously hiding something!

  11. Harper Louis on said:

    Brett 75, your comments are embarrassing. I guess the FBI’s undercover "Operation Bullpen" unit was a bunch of sniveling troublemakers too, right? Nice job, genius.

  12. brett 75 on said:

    If you happen to dislike Mr. O’Connell, then DO NOT write it his blog! You people are ruining it for us who have enjoyed these blogs for years now. If T.S. wants to plead the 5th to Coach’s Corner, let him and buzz off. I doubt all of their inventory is fake either, considering they have gotten awards from SCD in the past!!! Brett

  13. Harper Louis on said:

    Again, well said Brett. The minuscule anti-Coach’s Corner group that’s been ruining everyone’s good time around here lately failed to consider SCD’s Advertiser of the Month awards! I feel so stupid. Thanks for showing us that principles can indeed be paid for.

    For the record, I don’t dislike T.S. In fact, he’s seems like a nice guy. I just think he’s a wimp and a sell-out.

  14. from the website of autographalert:


    SCD “Sports Collectors Digest”
    Where Have You Gone?

    The April 10th issue of SCD has been published and it does not come as a surprise to many that this magazine has been reduced to a mere 38 pages. That includes the two covers which counts for 8 pages.

    This collapse was predicted years ago and SCD management was advised how to correct their obvious problems. Recommendations from seasoned hobbyists were basically ignored.

    Just a few years ago it took an entire afternoon to read the publication which can now be read in minutes. Of the 38 pages, 27 are advertisements and that is with the disappearance of many of the advertisers (which was also very predictable). The Vendor’s Stand is down to an embarrassing three-quarter’s of a page.

    One thing hasn’t changed and that is the $4.99 Cover Price or $6.99 in Canada.

    Emails to Dean Listle, Publisher, requesting the number of paid SCD subscriber’s remain unanswered.


    I wrote to autograph alert and stated:

    Good job on your latest entry,

    however, I feel my submission last week could have had a greater impact.

    i believe while your story was good, it missed its mark.

    if you browse over to SCD’s web site you will see an eruption of comments under TS O’Connell’s articles. The comments complain about coaches corner and SCD.

    you will see dozens of entries as readership continues to revolt and turn away (That’s the real story).

    finally, one member, tired of his comments being deleted and tired of being ignored went on to youtube to share is story of scd of coaches corner. I sent you the link last week.

    please do a story on this,

    Just thought all the readers would like to know (except for Brett75).

  15. brett 75 on said:

    I happen to think Coach’s Corner is just as legit as any other auction house. I’ve bought many things in the past I believe to be real. I purchased a signed game used Ty Cobb bat last year and nearly tripled my money on Ebay several months later. They have authenticators on their payroll that provide certificates! If you don’t believe them, that you’re problem!!! Brett

  16. Ponzi on said:

    Not entirely certain but, if I recall, SCD gave their Customer Service Awards to Mr. Stanley Fitzgerald as well…He had ‘authenticators on his payroll’ as well.

    If you don’t wonder about CCSA’s multitude of $300 signed Beatle albums and $500 Josh Gibson signed pants, then you don’t need to be in the collectibles biz. For the sake of innocent ebayers, please don’t…

  17. Roger T on said:

    Folks, I know exactly who this "Brett 75" is. He works for Coaches Corner.

  18. brett 75 on said:

    Again Mike, you open your mouth and crap comes out! Do you have job or are you living off my tax dollar spending it on rings you never earned? Brett

  19. sports-rings.com on said:

    Brett, you think you are so smart because you make 120,000? Here on long island you could not afford a house with that salary. i spend more in a year with the major auction houses than you make in a year. Your tax dollars? according to Obama you are not a high earner! talk to me when you get to $1,000,000 per year and have active accounts at the majour auction houses. maybe you buy from cc out of necessity based upon your limited income? by the way, what major leage team did you play for?

  20. brett 75 on said:

    Well this is kind of interesting. I haven’t been on the computer all day but someone seems to have written a bunch of stuff using my name. Any of the posts written today are not my responses. I have absolutley have no affiliation with Coahes Corner and have never purchased anything from them. I wish I made that much money I don’t make anywhere near that amount. By the way I have meet The lead investigator of Operation BullPen John Ferreira,and purchased signed cards directly from him at his shop in Eugene ,Oregan. Sorry for any comments that offended anyone but my only legitiment post was from 4/7 I’m definatley not affraid to comment for myself. If you want to post at least have the guts to use your own name this is to whoever posted today, Brett

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