If You Want a T206 Wagner, Now’s the Time

For a card that has been dubbed – rightfully or not – the Holy Grail of baseball cards, the T206 Honus Wagner card sure seems to be an available commodity of late.

Four examples of the T206 Honus Wagner baseball trading card will have hit the auction block by the first week in May.

For a card that has estimated numbers of 50-200 in existence and the owners are almost as well known as Duesenberg owners in the automotive world, for so many to show at auction in a relative short period of time is rather unusual. Goodwin and Co. says only 42 of the cards have been graded by PSA and SGC combined.

By my count, by the time the first week of May rolls around, there will be a quartet of T206s Wagners that have crossed the auction block. The first one appeared in the initial eight offers from the Dreier Collection in a straight sale conducted by Legendary Auctions in January. The PSA 4 example’s price was not disclosed, but it’s a good bet it brought at a least $1 million.

In the span of the last week, it has been announced that three other examples will cross the block. They are as follows:
Robert Edward Auctions: PSA 2 example; auction runs April 16-May 12
Memory Lane: PSA 2 example; auction runs from April 21-May 5
Goodwin and Co.: SGC 3 example, auction runs Mar. 27-April 19.

So if you have the means, here’s the opportunity to own a piece of history. And with this high-end card in three different auctions and with similar grades, it will be fun to watch which company comes out ahead on selling price.

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One thought on “If You Want a T206 Wagner, Now’s the Time

  1. Bill Shelton on said:

    The Goodwin card broke to the media today. It’s a strong VG 3, graded very fairly by SGC. According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch, this VG 3 has only been exceeded by fewer than a handful of examples graded higher. The card should easily break the million dollar mark, making it a tad too pricey for my budget. But it’s great to see a nicer Wagner make it to auction. Too many “dumpers” have sold lately.

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