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Here are some of the top stories that can be found in the October 17, 2008 issue of Sports Collectors Digest:

Hunt Auctions buys famed Philly Show
One of the great icons of the sports collecting hobby, the Philly Show, has been sold by longtime promoter Bob Schmeirer to Hunt Auctions, which will move the venerable show to Valley Forge, Pa., in March 2009.

REA’s 117 original paintings from 1953 Topps 
Speaking of great icons, 117 original paintings from the 1953 Topps Baseball issue have turned up in the collection of none other than Sy Berger, the man who helped make baseball card collecting a sacred rite of passage for several generations of American youth.

College yearbooks an underpriced treasure
If you’re searching for a unique, attractive and affordable collectible, college yearbooks of the greats of professional sports deserve a look.

Former Tiger won’t sign … unless it’s free
John Hiller, former ace Detroit reliever, was well known for his dramatic recovery from a heart attack, but his unusual stance concerning the signing of autographs – he insists they should be free – is a hobby eye-opener.

Scott Kelnhofer:
Folks like O.J. and a guy in Pennsylvania resealing vintage packs give the hobby a black eye that others try so hard to fight.

T.S. O’Connell:
As the curtain comes down on Yankee Stadium, Guernsey’s Oct. 18 live auction pays tribute to hallowed ground.

Don Fluckinger:
Finally, after an eons-worth of snappy cards and memorabilia, here’s something from the wacky world of cricket.