It’s All About the Chase in 2013 Topps Baseball

With the gold and diamond themes in the rear-view mirror, Topps has unveiled the “chase” theme for its 2013 baseball product.

Base card

In 2013, Topps Baseball Series 1 celebrates The Chase in all its glory, with cards recognizing great players’ chases both past and present, contests centered around the pennant chase and more. Topps is also boasting some of the most amazing chase cards ever to be found in a card product.

Each hobby box will feature one autograph or relic card. The base set will consist of 330 cards featuring Veterans, Rookies, League Leaders, Cy Young Award Winners, League MVPs, Rookies of the Year, Record Chasers and World Series Highlights cards. Gold parallel cards will be numbered to 2,013, with various other levels steadily dropping to 1-of-1 status. Printing plates (1,320 in all; 1-of-1s) and the Silk Collection, featuring 100 framed mini silk cards, will be among the highlights, as well.

Hobby exclusive relic cards include the following:

  • MVP Award Winners – Cards featuring MVP winners with a commemorative MVP trophy embedded in the card.
  • Cy Young Award Winners – Cards featuring Cy Young Award winners with a commemorative Cy Young Award trophy embedded in the card.
  • Proven Mettle Coin Cards – Cards featuring 25 superstars, active and retired, with an embedded commemorative coin celebrating their mettle.

Numerous autographed cards options will be in this set, most revolving around the Chase theme. One notable autograph insert will be signed mini cards in the 1972 Topps style.

A big draw will be The Ultimate Chase inserts: These individually designed and constructed cards will feature 30 of the biggest active and retired stars, with an autograph and a unique relic or a cut signature and a unique relic.

The 2013 Topps Baseball product is slated to hit in late January 2013. Many more details will be provided as the release dates nears, with Topps undoubtedly having many different promotions and contest going on.




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7 thoughts on “It’s All About the Chase in 2013 Topps Baseball

  1. Big Arnie on said:

    Typical un-inspired Topps base card design. Geez, what ever happened to design? And always a damn white border. I do like signed cards in the 1972 design, thats good although i am not crazy about mini’s. Are they mini’s inside a regular sized card (framed) or just a mini? I am sick of parallel cards. Also, the chase cards are a good idea if there are enough of them so that people have a reasonable chance of getting them, and also so that the ones that will be sold on Ebay will be affordable.

  2. Eric on said:

    Agree with the Arnie. The base cards are to plain. They seem the same year after year lately. Stop try’n to create 2 dozen subsets and try to be more original and creative with the base set…

  3. ryan on said:

    no online giveaway

  4. Dick on said:

    Time for base sets to have some class. Subsets are for dealers to make money, hey Topps, set builders are you life blood, so get with it.

  5. It sounds like immaturity to the highest degree in the front offices of Topps. Why not just a nice clean card and no gimmicks. Leave off the paralles’s , chrome and concentrate on just a nice card that we had a few years ago. I am for one tired of playing their game of “we have it now you go and spend enough money and you can own part of it also”.

  6. Kevin Heimbigner on said:

    What about being excited a Mickey Mantle or Bobbie Richardson “baseball” card with two photos like the 1960 horizontal or 1954 Topps? Why have to feel like you are gambling for a 1 of 1 or whatever. And why not put a position on the front and make the print on the back so us old guys can read the stats like we did as kids?

    Why ask why might turn into who cares?

  7. Leif Gilner on said:

    The Topps baseball 2013 series 1 are beautiful looking baseball cards i like them a lot.

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