It’s Elemetal Dear Collectors: T206 Silver Bar Series on the Way

Precious metals are coming back to the sports collectibles industry and it has nothing to do with Highland or Franklin Mint or the card manufacturers.

Elemetal (clever, yes?) specializes in precious metals and minting. They are using that expertise to produce a silver bar series of T206 baseball greats, kicking off with Honus Wagner.

ElemetalWagnerEach item features one troy ounce .999 pure OPM silver bar. Each piece is individually numbered and a limited edition of only 1,909.  The bar is fully encapsulated in a clear, sealed acrylic case, then package in a vintage cigarette-like package, complete with seal.

WagsinboxThe Wagner piece, licensed by the Luminary Group (, is the first of five T206 stars that will be featured in the series and showcases a couple of familiar images of the Hall of Famer.

The product will go live in mid-November. For more information, visit

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