Jefferson Burdick Handwritten Letter to be Given Away at National Convention

As part of its 2014 NSCC Break Pavilion Booth Promotion, Jaspy’s Hobbyland will give away a rare Jefferson Burdick two-sided handwritten letter.

Jefferson Burdick is regarded as the founding father of the card collecting hobby. Burdick, who passed away in 1963, donated his complete and iconic trading card collection to the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, where it is still on display today for all to see. The historic letter will become the centerpiece of any collection, vintage or modern day.

The original document will be randomly awarded in Jaspy’s 2014 Super Break Baseball Deluxe Edition box break. The break will stream live on the main stage in the 2014 NSCC Case Break Pavilion. Only 10 break spots will be available for purchase. Each of the 10 break participants will qualify for a chance to win this significant piece of hobby history.

A complete list of other 2014 NSCC break prizes and exclusive swag being given away by Jaspy’s Hobbyland will be available on their website,

Jaspy’s Hobbyland will be located in the 2014 NSCC break pavilion, Booths #1469 & #1471.

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