Has Gibsons famous HR ball finally surfaced

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Last week, upon hearing that an auction featuring many of Kirk Gibson’s items from the 1988 World Series didn’t have his famous home run ball included, we issued an APB for the ball, which has never surfaced in the collecting circles.

We received over 250 e-mails with supposed tips, with 31 people claiming that either they had it or they knew who had it.

Our first dialogue was with a man who told us that “the guy three or four rows in back of us tried to catch it, but it bounced out of his bare hands. It rolled under the seats and my dad picked it up. We were so excited about the homer, so the ball was not a huge deal. We had gotten many balls over the years. My dad gave me the ball when we got home. I put it on my shelf with the others. I still have most of the balls in a box, a dozen or so. One problem: I’m not sure which one is ‘the ball.’ I was 15 at the time and didn’t think about what it was worth.”

The man told us that the ball “may still be in the garage in the bag or a box,” at his mother’s house, but that he wasn’t in a rush to check because he wasn’t looking for fame or fortune.

Next came a note from a man named Darren Weller from Pennsylvania, who told us he was at the game with his dad and had the ball, but would not sell it. He presented us a picture of a 1988 World Series ball signed by the Dodgers team, but beyond that could not present any evidence from that night.

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