Ornstein receives eight-year sentence

The former marketing agent for Reggie Bush has been sentenced to eight months in prison for selling scalped Super Bowl tickets and selling or consigning NFL jerseys he falsely claimed were worn in games.

Mike Ornstein, 57, slumped as the judge in a Cleveland courtroom handed down the sentence.

As Sports Collectors Daily reported last month, Ornstein was found guilty in June, after investigators presented evidence that he had ordered jerseys from a Wisconsin manufacturer, then passed them off as game used to at least one sports memorabilia auction house and one trading card company between 2000 and 2003.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that Ornstein told the court Nov. 19 that the jerseys he sent to the unnamed card company were never distributed, although court documents indicated they were produced. The court papers indicated that Ornstein had another party create fake certificates of authenticity for the items.

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