Mike Schmidt Crys Foul at the Quality of Today’s Signatures

I’ve mentioned on more than a few occasions in this forum about the state of today’s players’ autographs. They are horrible, largely illegible and one reason why collectors covet signatures of players gone by.  If anyone has tried to decipher a team-signed ball from the past few years, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

The only way to identify some player’s signature is to seem an exemplar or see them sign it in person, so you know what their signature is based on image recognition. You certainly can’t read it.

In a column posted on philly.com today, Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt laments about today’s autographs and why signatures are so important to him – why his signature is legible at all times.

Read the column here.

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3 thoughts on “Mike Schmidt Crys Foul at the Quality of Today’s Signatures

  1. Gary McIntosh on said:

    Thank you Mike Schmidt. You always were a quality guy, and you understand what this means to kids. I met you in Austin, Texas when you played in a golf tournament. You and Johnny Bench were there and you were so kind to so many people. We value having gotten the opportunity to shake your hand, and we weren’t even getting autographs. Just meeting two quality representatives of the game we love

  2. Doug Pilgrim on said:

    I was a volunteer worker at a charity golf Tournament in Beavercreek Oh at the Country Club of The North. Mr. Schmidt was a player in it and was signing autographs for the fans after his round. He was supposed to be signing for at least 15 minutes. He got up after about 5 minutes and was scribbling his autograph on the fans items. He was walking and signing and not looking at his signature as he was walking and he was extremely rude to the fans. He needs to practice what he preaches.

  3. Jim SNELL Jr. on said:

    Living in Philly all my life (68) years, I am a hugh MIKE SCHMIDT memo. collector, having invested thousands of dollars in all sorts of Schmidt collectibles. I have over 50 autographed cards, over 4000 mike schmidt cards, all years, numerous photos and all the oll ball stuff. I also have over 25 statues and bobbleheads. My wife sayes my compiter room (man Cave) looks like a Schmidt museaum, I still feel he is the greatest 3rd Baseman ever, and I have seen them all. His autograph is one of the best, clearly readible and never changes. I will continue to be an avid Schmidt collector and his biggest fan from PHILLY. I also had the great privledge to meet Mike when I was on the Phila. Highway Patrol Motorcycle unit at some of the games. Thanks for everything you guys do for true collectors. JIMMY SNELL

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