Illinois card shop featured in Super Bowl ad

Tim Herron opened up Tim’s Baseball Card shop in 2004 and at that time, it certainly wasn’t much to look at. He went to school right across the street from the location he opened up at and it’s been his lifelong dream to open his own business, in his home town, doing something he loves. Today, Tim’s shop has a lot more to offer than the two showcases he started with; but there’s no denying that compared to some shops, you would consider him a “little guy.” Well, not anymore.

Miller High Life decided that instead of doing a Super Bowl advertisement where they feature their product, they would buy a commercial and give it to the little guys. They took an interesting approach by focusing on smaller businesses who could never afford an advertisement during the big game (the people who need it). The marketing team at Miller High Life did a nationwide search of businesses that might fit into this concept of giving the little guy a shot on the big stage and wouldn’t you know it, they picked Tim’s Baseball Cards as one of the four businesses to be featured in the advertisement.

“It really hasn’t sunk in that this is real,” said Tim Herron on being selected. “It’s a real fun commercial, real simple, nothing fancy. Everyone was being themselves, no acting or anything.”

Herron will be appearing alongside the Miller High Life delivery truck guy, Windell Middlebrooks. But make no doubt about it, Tim will be the star.

You can see some teaser footage for the advertisement and see Tim talking about the shoot on Miller’s website at (note: you need to be 21 or over to view the content).

Tim’s shop has everything collectors love from new unopened wax to vintage product. He’s got singles to help collectors put sets together and memorabilia as well. What he’s really going to need though, in all likelihood, is more space.

He’ll be hosting a big party the day before the game on Saturday from 12:00-4:00 and Upper Deck has sent him a lot of prize support to help out. The party will be one you don’t want to miss, “There will be food, drinks, raffles, giveaways and the first sixty people are going to get a box of cards FREE,” said Herron. “Everyone is coming out so we just want to have some fun and give back to the customers for being loyal. I have no idea how this will help business, but nothing is bigger than commercials on the Super Bowl.” He’s right!

“There’s a lot of nonsense ads out there about talking babies and dancing monkeys and different things. We just wanted to be just a true High Life commercial that gives it back to the guys that live it every day,” said Abegg.

In these difficult economic times, it’s refreshing to see a billion dollar company adopt an approach like this and give back to the little guy. Kudos to you Miller High Life!

So if you are in Chicago, love sports and want to help out one of the “little guys,” visit Tim’s Baseball Card Shop the day before the big game, or any day for that matter: he’s open seven days a week. Maybe he’ll even give you an autograph.

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