MLB, Topps to Make Major Promotion Announcement on Monday

The Las Vegas Industry Summit kicks off Monday, March 21, and in a prelude to the event comes news that Major Leagie Baseball and Topps will announce a major promotion during Monday’s meetings.

Here is a quick snippet provided in advance of the announcement:

Dan Weinberg, VP at Major League Baseball, will join Topps executives for a special Q&A session with brick-and-mortar retailers during the 2011 Industry Summit, organizers announced. In addition, MLB staff provided this compelling sneak peak at its plans for the Monday (March 21) presentation.

“Major League Baseball and Topps will be making a major announcement regarding a Hobby-exclusive promotion for this summer.  The promotion is built to enhance hobby store traffic and leverage the popularity of the 60th Anniversary celebration for Topps, the Official Trading Card of MLB.  We’re excited to be part of the Summit and look forward to engaging the attendees on our ongoing partnership with Topps.”

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