More Reality TV Focused on the Hobby: ABC’s ‘Ball Boys’

The fact is Reality TV isn’t going to go away. And now that world is entering the sports hobby at a pretty rapid rate. With hits like “Pawn Stars” and “American Pickers,” which at times have hit upon items in the sports memorabilia category, soon there will be two shows based on dealers/auction houses in the sports memorabilia hobby.

Last week, we told you about the new Discovery Channel series “All Star Dealers” following the escapades of Grey Flannel’s Richard Russek. Now comes news that ABC Television will be airing a new series called “Ball Boys” on March 24 that focuses on the dealings of Robbie 1st Base hobby shop in Baltimore.

Like “Pawn Stars,” this show will feature a family-run business featuring four employees, a father-son duo and two others named Shaggy and Sweet Lou. Perhaps it’s a prerequisite for these types of shows to have characters with nicknames.

According to releases, the show will have 12 half-hour episodes that feature “the never-before-seen negotiation of buying and selling unique sports merchandise, both at the store and at off-site locations.” The show will also feature sports stars that happen to stop by for various reasons, such as Jim Brown and Jalen Rose, to name a few.

Information on the show stresses the bond that sports has among people, including complete strangers and how this common bond brings people together to talk sports and do some deals as well. I’ll be interested to see how much of the “family-bonding” as they refer to it, is stressed during the show. And with it being focused solely on sports memorabilia, I’ll be real interested in what others think of the dealings, prices discussed and the negotiations. As those of us have seen such dealings first-hand, it’s always fun to see how mainstream media wants to share those dealings and how much they are staged.

The show premieres with two half-hour episodes, Saturday, March 24 at 3:00 pm ET/PT on ABC. Here are summaries of both episodes:

“Lord of the Ring” – In the premiere, store owner Robbie Sr. introduces viewers to his shop and searches for a very special Notre Dame gift for a client’s husband on his birthday. Robbie is forced to buy an expensive item from an off-site dealer, hoping he can turn a profit with the client back home, knowing he risks never selling it to anyone else if she doesn’t care for it. Later, a customer brings in a Cleveland Browns helmet autographed by Jim Brown himself… but is it an authentic signature? To find out, Robbie Sr. asks his friend, the football legend, to pay the shop a visit to have a look himself, and eventually Brown presides over an awkward negotiation over his own autograph. Plus, does an unsigned baseball caught by a fan over the glove of Baltimore Orioles Right Fielder Nick Markakis have any monetary value? One eager customer certainly thinks so… but does Robbie agree?

“Take Your Base” – In the second episode, the boys visit a multi-million dollar collection in search of a birthday gift for Senior, and end up haggling over a piece of Yankee history. Meanwhile, Junior is introduced to the man who invented the World Series, and Senior tries to buy a Packers jersey that belongs in the Hall of Fame.

Anyone going to watch?

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6 thoughts on “More Reality TV Focused on the Hobby: ABC’s ‘Ball Boys’

  1. Mary on said:

    Yes most def I will be watching. I can’t wait.

  2. Ed on said:

    Yes, I will watch with excitement and long awaited joy that the hobby is returning. The above story reminds me of the joke Andy Griffith told about the Salt Salesman and the guy going to the hardware to buy some nails. lol … After all it was the consumers that created all the wealth for corporations. Then everything went electronic consumerism and video gaming. The card stores and ‘real hobby shops’ not scrap booking shops. Hobby shops that will turn boys into men. But the hobby is great for male and female collectors. It gives the hobbyist a greater and vast knowledge of many sports and before long that collector is traveling to see games of thier favorite players, becoming a bigger consummer. The internet is a nice condiment to add to the life pie but it takes a vast amount of proven ingredients to keep it in flavor. I will be a watcher and a buyer. I wrote a blog piece for a website called Health-Day, here is what I wrote 2 days ago. …..

    Most of us grew up with hobbies that took reasoning skills, face to face communication and laughter. Face to face bargaining with hands on construction of hobby items. Video games take 80% of the 10 year cycle of personality development away that evolves every 10 years IMO as we age. Without human interaction we become zombies to texting or internet compulsive disorders. There’s many compulsive disorders, drinking, drugs, gambling, jogging, texting, video games. Some are good, but can take a person away from reality putting that person in a default state. An intervention in needed to prevent total isolationism turning their compultion into an addition, requiring medical help. Thats why major companys should help the masses that supported them all these years with the return of brick and mortar hobby stores that connect people in a healthy way to electronic devices of hobbies of intrest.

  3. Ed on said:

    Now I don’t have to watch re-runs of your videos here on Bustin wax every week. lol This is a great website. I recently found it after needing more than a page or two of info in a $10.00 newstand sport card pricing guide. I like to watch the web editions to Pawn Stars every now and then when they add new videos. The restore and Pickin webisodes are a hoot also. I went to a card show today and picked up a couple old Topps team cards. A 1964 Topps New York Yankees card #433 great centering, and a Los Angeles Angels card#213. nice and nostalgic. First two cards I have purchased in years since Pinnacle and Bowman went out of buisness. Back in 1998 I didn’t sell a lot of Pinnacle sportcards…. But the guy who sold me these Pinnacle cards, now he sold a lot of Pinnacle:-) Next week 8600 Pinnacle sportcards will go to the Childrens Hospital or Boys and Girls Club which ever one takes them. Now what cards can I start collecting next? I loved those Bowman Atomics. Everything now is ‘Piece of Jersey’ cards. First there was Tobacco cards, then Topps baseball, then Bowman basketball Atomics, now Panani Jersey Autographs. I think the term Vintage now applies to everything pre-1999.

  4. Ed on said:

    Last funny…. I remember back in the late 50’s my dad taking me to Sears sporting goods department to buy a baseball mit and bat. Everything had Ted Williams name on it. Ted Williams bats, Ted Williams gloves, Ted Williams balls (well, no, not, never mind) Ted williams foot powder, well maybe not the later. I even think that is where we got some of our baseball cards. With you guessed it’s picture on the front wrapper. When I got the cards home I did what the unwritten instructions said to do. Open pack, read stats on back of card, put the enclosed piece of gum in mouth while walking towards you bicycle still laying in the middle of the walkway. Chew gum while attaching Ted Williams and Mickey Mantles cards to your bicycle spokes…. If I could just turn back the clock.

  5. Tv SDhos on said:

    I saw the trailer for the shoe on youtube, just go to youtube and insert ABC BALL BOYS and it comes up, the show Looks AWESOME, I cant wait…Good Luck Ball Boys…

  6. michael on said:

    where can i find the place the show “Ball Boys”

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