Mystery Item: Baseball Pendant

We put a call out to the readers and viewers of Sports Collectors Digest to send in their “mystery items” – items they have in their collections that they can’t fully identify.

Readers have responded, and we’ll be running some of the recent submissions here. The first one involves a baseball pendant, or charm as the reader notes. If you have any information, comment on the story below or send an e-mail.


I read your article on the mystery photo in the July 12 SCD and thought maybe you could assist me in identifying my mystery item.

I purchased what looks like a baseball charm at a flea market in St Charles, Ill., around 2006 from an elderly woman who knew nothing about the item.

Can you take a look at the attached photo and let me know if you have any idea that this could be?

– Kevin Meyers
via e-mail

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One thought on “Mystery Item: Baseball Pendant

  1. John W. Wagner on said:

    I believe that it is a ‘zipper pull’ off a jacket or a sweater. It seems the correct size.

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