NAXCOM has expanded its online marketplace offerings with its new "No Listing Fees Auctions," which can be found at, starting Nov. 7.

"Since we launched our main site in 2001, our users have continuously requested for us to expand into auctions," said Eric Beckerman, NAXCOM’s CEO. "However, we didn’t want to expand into auctions until we had enough critical mass where there would be a lot of listings and bidders to make our auctions dynamic." Beckerman said last year’s acquisition of from Topps nearly doubled NAXCOM’s user base and gave it the volume needed to expand into auctions.

NAXCOM says its auctions will offer several features that its customers have been requesting. The Buyer/Seller Protection feature will instruct winning bidders to make their payment to NAXCOM, rather than the seller of the item.

Buyers are protected against sellers who don’t mail out the winning item or send the wrong item, and sellers will receive their money directly from NAXCOM and not have to worry about chasing down delinquent payments. NAXCOM is also offering no listing fees for sellers, modest transaction fees and no extra fees to offer a "Buy It Now" option, among other benefits.

"Users have wanted this for a very long time now," said Bill Elder, NAXCOM’s VP of marketing. "But we wanted to do it right, so we took our time and utilized input from our immense existing user base to create a lot of unique Auction features that buyers and sellers will be excited to use."

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