Dodgers Day Coming to the Long Beach Expo

Legendary Dodgers player, coach and Hall of Fame star Tommy Lasorda along with current Dodgers catcher A.J. Ellis, pitcher Kenley Jansen and former Mets, Dodgers, Giants and Yankees star Darryl Strawberry will appear during the Long Beach Coin, Stamp & Sports Collectible Expo, running from Sept. 26-28. Read More

Wings cold, Canucks hot when it comes to signing

The Detroit Red Wings can be grouped into an elite class with teams such as the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox and the New England Patriots. All are very successful franchises that have had their fair share of wins, but what puts them into the same class is for the headaches they can bring collectors.

For the past decade, these teams have consistently been extremely difficult to obtain signatures from for collectors across the country. In Minnesota, we experienced that with the toughest team in the NHL to chase, the Detroit Red Wings. We walked away with some of the stars, but it still took many tries to collect what we did. Read More