Old Judge cards headline 19thCenturyOnly sale

The current 19thCenturyOnly auction is one of the company’s best auctions to date. Ending July 18. The 391-lot lineup includes one of the largest graded Old Judge offerings seen in the market in some time.
This includes 100 graded Old Judge cards, many of which are Hall of Famers; premium Old Judge’s, such as Maroons; and two-player cards.

Many scarcities will be included in this auction. There are rare Cabinet cards, including an 1886 Cabinet of Harry Wright and an 1888 Cabinet of Jack Glasscock. A rare ghost overprint T206 error card of Roger Bresnahan and Bob Rhoades will also be included. There will also be a dozen Cobb cards and low-population cards – with several being the highest and only grade known.

“Collectors of vintage cards have created a niche in the marketplace that has grown significantly,” said Seth Nagdeman, founder of 19thCenturyOnly. “I believe that collectors of vintage today are in on a market which has room for growth. Today, we see prices realized many times off the charts, and it is continuing in that direction.

“Most vintage cards available are not preserved in high-grade condition. As more people get involved and realize this, the result makes these items more valuable,” Nagdeman continued. “Due to the scarcity, it is common that collectors have adjusted to buying lower-grade examples. In many cases, Very Good means high grade. Low population commands a premium.”

Nagdeman said even a card graded a 1 (Poor) might be highly sought because it’s a low population number. For example, he said, lot 205 in the current auction (a 1910 T210 Old Mill Series 3 Pendleton) is graded PSA 1.5. Out of only three cards that have ever been graded, this offering is the highest grade known.

“Condition is less of a factor, and scarcity, in many cases, may be more important,” Nagdeman said.

Card candy
Along with the Old Judges and Cabinet cards, 19thCenturyOnly will  also feature an enormous selection of more than 100 lots of E-Candy cards. This includes E90-1, E90-2 and E90-3 American Caramel; E92 Croft’s Candy; E92 Dockman; E92 Nadja; E93 Standard Caramel; E94 George Close Candy; E95 Philadelphia Caramel; E96 Philadelphia Caramel; E97 Brigg; E97 Briggs Proof; E98 “Set of 30;” E99 Bishop; E101 “Set of 50;” E102 “Set of 25;” E103 Williams Caramel; E106 American Caramel; E121 and E122 American Caramel; E123 Curtis Ireland Candy; E210 York Caramels; and E220 National Caramel.
The auction will also feature more than 100 tobacco cards, including T200 Teams, T204 Ramly, T205 Gold Borders, T206 White Borders, T207 Brown Borders, T210 Old Mill, T212 Obak, T213 Coupon, T215 Red Cross, T202 Hassan, T222 Fatima and T3 and T9 Turkey Red.

Also included is a large selection of WG2 and WG3 Fan Craze high-grade PSA cards, bread cards, regional issues, 19th-century cards, postcards, Sawyer Biscuit, R306 Butter Creams, Goudey Premiums, P2 pins, Cracker Jacks, Sporting News and Sporting Life examples. There will also be autographs memorabilia, including include vintage team baseballs.
The lots offered are available for viewing at www.19thCenturyOnly.com. For more information, call (800) 801-4399.

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