Panini and Topps Named in Patent Lawsuit Over Electronic Trading Cards

Wildcat Intellectual Property Holdings, LLC has sued 12 defendants, including Panini and Topps for infringing on an electronic trading card patent. Other defendants in the lawsuit are Sony, Electronic Arts, Konami, Pokémon, Zynga and Nintendo.

If the suit succeeds, products such as Panini’s Adrenalyn XL products and Topps Town would be shut down. However, any action on this lawsuit is still many months away. Wildcat Intellectual Property Holdings dosn’t actually produce any electronic trading cards, but rather is acting as the representation for the filers of the patent and is a company with a history of fighting patents.

Apparently, the text of the lawsuit is quite complicated, and we’re not going to try and decipher here. For much more on this case, please CLICK HERE.

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