First Video Trading Card Announced by Panini

The following information comes courtesy of Panini’s The Knight’s Lance Blog:

As the Industry Summit continues in Las Vegas, news from the Panini camp includes a first for the industry – a video trading card under a new line called Panini HD.

Every Panini HD card produced will be a must-see piece of innovative technological wizardry – a scarce card equipped with an autograph and high-definition video footage of that very card being signed and hand-numbered by the player on it. Each card has the capability to hold up to several minutes of video footage that will also include exclusive player interviews and possibly game highlights.

To break it down, it’s a signed card that also contains video footage of said player signing the card. The card, with a video screen embedded, wil be push-button operated.

“As you can imagine, there’s no better way of authenticating an autographed card than showing you the player signing that card, showing you the player numbering that card and that footage being featured on that specific card,” Warsop said at the Summit. “I can’t think of any way that you can authenticate a hand-signed trading card any better than that."

The cards, which will be very limited, will be in various 2011 products, though specifics were not yet announced.

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